The Digi Express is rolling out… All Aboard…

Howdy everyone!! Hope you are ready for a fun and exciting ride… ‘Time for the Fairies’ has now rolled up to the station is ready to leave… so grab your tickets and hop on board..

Meg Scott aka Made by Me Inspirations

MBMI_TDETime4FairiesGlitPreview MBMI_TDETime4FairiesPaperPreviewMBMI_TDETime4FairiesElePreview MBMI_TDETime4FairiesKitPreview

Lisa Rosa

Lisa Rosa

Marieke aka Romajo Scraps

Marieke Borgers-Hagen2 Marieke Borgers-Hagen Marieke Borgers-Hagen3


Jiovanna Hernandez Aceves

Marilyn Glasser aka Marniejo’s House of Scraps

Marilyn Glasser

Cintia Mendes aka Dhariana Scraps

Cintia Mendes

Ann Ford aka Anns Scrap Heaven

Ann Ford1

Karen Carlisle Diebolt aka KJD Designs

Karen Carlisle Diebolt

 Creations by: Samantha

Samantha Navarrete

Andrea Kostelić aka  Dea’s Designs

Andrea Kostelić2 Andrea Kostelić1

Amanda Brown aka Mandy’s Lovable Designs

Amanda Brown

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10 Responses to The Digi Express is rolling out… All Aboard…

  1. Gayle Brinkley says:

    Thanks for the kits. Just wanted to make you aware that Samantha’s link shows the file was deleted. Wish it was available, would love to have the kit. Hope you continue to have more trains.

  2. Eileen says:

    TYVM for the lovely trip to all the designers who collaborate giving their art.

  3. Lou Anne says:

    This was a beautiful blog train. Thank you!

  4. Mary Kappes says:

    This is so awesome Thank you all very very Much!

  5. Misty says:

    Very cute kits from everyone! Thanks to all! Thank you for putting this together and the previews. :)

  6. Dawn says:

    Fabulous new site and a lovely train!! Thank you so much.

  7. Julie J says:

    I hope I thanked every person who contributed individually, but I may have missed some. So here is my great big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed and helped out. Loved it!

  8. genie says:

    love this blog train thank you one and all

  9. Paula says:

    Big thanks to everybody!! I couldn’t get Jiovanna’s kit because it said I had to be invited to read her blog? That’s happened a few other times and I don’t understand why, especially for designer blogs, but that’s okay. Thanks for the rest!!

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